Monday, January 16, 2012


  Ghee has become my new favorite cooking oil.  It seriously is so easy to make so I would love to share with all of you how to make it!  Mmmmm ghee.
  Now you may be asking what is ghee?  Well in other terms its called clarified butter.  It is butter that has been heated to the point that the milk solids turn into a frothy form and then is carefully scooped out.  The end product is a clear, yellow oil.
   Ghee is a traditional oil used mainly in Indian cuisines.  I like it for not only Indian foods, but for frying eggs, sauteing veggies, baking and many, many other cooking methods.  I found that my favorite way to eat squash is to infuse the ghee with loads of garlic, then pouring it over the squash. 

  • 1 1/2lbs. or more of butter 
 First things first, have sterilized jars ready to use.  Now in a dutch oven pot, heat up your butter over medium heat.  The dutch oven will take just a bit to warm up but once its warm it will melt the butter fairly quick.  Now once the butter is melted, give it a couple of stirs.  This will be the only time you will be stirring the butter.  Let it come to a low boil.  Once the milk solids start to become frothy, scoop out the foam very carefully with a spoon.  Discard the milk solids. I like to save it for my dog. He loves that kind of stuff!

  Keep scooping out the solids as they bubble up.  Once you have scooped out all that you can get, pour the oil over a bowl that has been covered with multiple layer of cheese cloth.  I personally did not do this step due the the fact that I did not have any cheese cloth on hand.  If you do not have any, no worries.  Pour your strained ghee or non strained ghee in your jars.  If you did not strain your ghee before hand, let the milk solids float to the top of the jar. Now with a clean sterile spoon, scoop out the remaining milk solids.  Close the lid and store in the refrigerator.  Ghee will last months if left in the fridge.  Happy cooking!

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