Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning err I mean Spring Crafting!

It's Spring cleaning time so that means time for CRAFTS!
  Why do I say this? Well when the weather starts to get warmer, I tend to go into craft mode. I want a clean house, clean mind and a clean body. 
  I know that this post maybe a little late with summer creeping around the corner but here in the high desert Spring comes a bit late.  We are in the process of preparing for a big move in the next couple of weeks so goodbye to late Spring/Summers!  I am so excited to be moving to a decent elevation.  Here in Bend, Oregon we are at 3623 ft.  With the dry weather and being at this elevation its hard to grow a decent garden let alone my body is hating every minute of it.  Soon enough Ashland Oregon will be our home for the next couple of years. 
  While cleaning and packing up a storm, I was still able to sneak in a few crafts.  First on the list is the BEST cleaner ever. Citrus Vinegar.  I swear it is the easiest thing to make. Citrus vinegar is a very effective cleaner.  I have been using vinegar for years to clean my kitchen and bathroom. I have no idea why I never thought of infusing it with lemon peel!  I usually just add some essential oils and borax to my vinegar and call it good. 
  The benefits of cleaning with vinegar are pretty much endless. Though from what I have read as well as experienced, vinegar is great for cleaning stains out of the carpet, cutting grease, ridding of nasty odors, its a great window cleaner, floor cleaner, shower cleaner and like I said the list could go on and on.  Now adding in the benefits of lemon peel is just freaking genius!  So now not only is this cleaner antibacterial, it is anti-fungal, natural rust remover and, acts as a natural bleach. Another plus is that the lemon peel mellows down the vinegar scent. 
 In order to make this amazing cleaner you will need these few items:
Sterilized 1/2 gallon Mason Jar with lid
12 Organic Lemons
Distilled White Vinegar

Juice all the lemons and save it for later use.  I poured mine in a pint size jar and froze. When freezing in glass always make sure you leave enough room for the liquid to grow.  This will prevent any cracking of the glass.

You can trim the peel off or just leave it how it is.  Stuff them in the jar and pour vinegar up to the top.  Seal the jar and label with the date.  Let the jar sit in a sunny spot or somewhere sunlight hits for up to two weeks.  When the two weeks have passed strain vinegar from the peels and store in a clean sterilized jar. 

  So far this solution has been used for everything in my bathroom, kitchen and even in my laundry.  I have also been experimenting using it on my hair as a natural conditioner/lightener.  I am currently infusing a bit of the solution with Chamomile, Mullein leaves, Rosemary and Marigold petals.  Since I do have light ashy blond hair this will help make it a bit brighter. 

  I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!  I have a few more crafts to share with you but for now this is where I will leave you. A little hint about the next craft.......not so skinny jeans to super sexy skinny jeans!  Happy cleaning and keep on crafting!

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